Brits Not Bothered If Pancake Past Its Best Before Date

Up to 25% of Brits will use out of date ingredients to make pancakes

Up to 25% of Brits will use at least one ingredient that is past its best-before-date-date to produce their perfect pancakes on Tuesday, according to online-only retailer Approved Food.

Traditionally a time to use up any products lurking in the back of kitchen cupboards, up to a quarter of households across the country will use either out of date lemon juice, flour or salt to whip up the tasty treat. And what’s more, they aren’t even bothered.

The findings come from a poll carried out by one of UK’s largest online grocery retailers Approved Food – a company which specialises in short-dated goods – and is backed up by the company’s sales of Green’s Original Pancake Mix which sold out days before it was time to start flipping!

Dan Cluderay, founder of Approved Food said: “There was a time when people would turn their noses up at the idea of using an ingredient that was past its best-before-date, but that’s not how people think any more.

“Our research found that around 25% of people will use at least one product that falls in to this category when making pancakes for the family this year – whether that’s a bag of flour currently lurking in the back of a kitchen cupboard, or a readymade pancake mix purchased from the likes of Approved Food.“

Based on a belief in value and convenience the popular online-retailer – which shipped more than 115k orders to households across the UK in 2014, and now boasts almost 50k likes on Facebook – recently appeared to pitch on the BBC’s Dragon’s Den.

A savvy shopper trend setter, dynamic Dan – who started his retail career on a market stall – is also set to star in ITV’s Bargain Fever Britain scheduled to air on March 3rd.


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