Mustard Pork and Apple Sauce Recipe

Make some hearty British food with this mustard pork and apple recipe using a range of products sold at Approved Food. Ingredients found here: mustardporkrecipe Ingredients: 4 large potatoes 100ml of milk and 50g butter Lean pork lion steaks (Approved Food meat Hamper £15) Pepper seasoning Salt (Saxa Table Salt 750g 2 for £1.00 or £0.59

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Alcohol and Food Dates

alcoholic drinks

Does alcohol have an expiration date? Alcohol has a ‘best before’ date rather than a ‘use by’ date, meaning it is safe to drink past the date on the container. The amount of time it lasts for depends on the type of alcohol. Neat alcohol lasts indefinitely, so it all comes down to how the

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