About Approved Food

Approved Food is the largest online retailer of short dated and residual stock food and drinks. We want to be more than just an online retailer, we want to be as synonymous to online grocery as Google is to search and Facebook is to social networking.

The majority of our stock is short-dated or past its best before date we are able to buy in large quantities and pass considerable savings on to our customers.

Starting off as market traders in Hull and Doncaster, Dan Cluderay and his wife Nichola progressed into food wholesale, supplying other market traders. From wholesale they moved into a number of retail outlets that supplied both the public and wholesale trade and finally Approved Food was born in 2009.

At Approved Food we only trade in products that have a ‘Best Before’ date which is quite literally the manufacturers estimate that the premium quality of its product may start to deteriorate. We do not sell chilled or frozen “Use By” products. See our best before page for more information.

Approved Food can save you more than 70% off your weekly grocery shop. We sell many major brands and anything ‘de-Identified’ is normally from one of the major supermarkets. Approved Food can offer fantastic value that no supermarket can ever compete with. Your order is packed and delivered to your door. See our delivery page for more information.

Approved Food is a unique online food and drinks retailer visited by thousands of savvy shoppers and bargain hunters across the UK every day. Our customers want the right products at the right price, delivered quickly. They want to share their ideas with recipes and tips and gain a feeling of engagement and value. At Approved Food we are working hard to satisfy this need.

Approved Food is not just about selling food and drink. We talk to customers about current food topics, listen to their feedback about issues and we communicate back to them through high quality editorial, blogs, daily website edits and email updates.

Approved Food is wholly interactive and truly engaging. Our customers can share their choices and ideas with the world via social network pages like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or Google+, or to direct to us via our website.
We are constantly looking for ways our customers can enhance their experience and increase their sense of belonging.

1 We are very particular about what we buy and the prices we sell these goods at.
2 Our priority is to make sure nothing we sell has any adverse quality-related problems.
3 The price on every product relates to the date and we will never pull the wool over your eyes.
4 Everything we buy is genuine value for money.

We are a family business with family values.

Many thanks