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Boredom Busters

Due to the circumstances and having to stay home, it can be difficult to keep the kids, and yourselves entertained. Staying in however doesn’t have to be boring.

We are going to be filling your delivery orders with felt tip pens. We are rewarding every photo we are tagged in with a £5 off voucher towards your shopping at Approved Food.  Use your pens as creatively as possible! We would love to see all your pictures.

In the meantime, thanks to the recommendations from you… Approved Food have came up with a list of interesting boredom busters:

  1. Try out some new food recipes – using Approved Food products of course 😉 We would love to see all your creative meals!
  2. How about a board game marathon with the family? You can finally put into practice defeating the reigning champion! – Monopoly is always a great choice!

  3. A spring clean never hurt?  Or maybe try re-arranging your furniture, some decorating maybe?
  4. Catching up on some reading is always a top priority for some people. With all those spare hours why not start or finish that book that’s been sitting on your shelf?

  5. Spend some time in the garden. Naturally the weather has been nice since isolation began and fresh air is always are great stress relief.
  6. Build something exciting from your Approved Food boxes! – make sure to send us photos!
  7. How about starting a new tv programme on Netflix?
  8. You can never go wrong with enjoying a Gin and Tonic. 🙂

  9. Maybe just some time to catch up on sleep. Massive praise for the NHS and those working in the community to support the pandemic.
  10. Jigsaws are always a great time filler!

  11. Definitely order from Approved Food. We have a massive range of discounted products to fill your cupboards.
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