Galentines Day!



As well as love, February can bring enormous amounts of stress. Valentines Day not only means spending more money but also adds the pressure of finding a ‘unique’ gift for your significant other. However, this time of year also brings Galentines Day; a momentary pause on needing to be in a relationship. A time to celebrate your friendships and importantly yourself, Galentines Day has unofficially been added to the calendar on the 13th February for the last 10 years. The anniversary famously began from the fictional tv programme, Parks and Recreation in which the protagonist Leslie Knope declared it a day of ‘Ladies celebrating Ladies’ and it has developed ever since.
Unlike other retailers, Approved Food acknowledges the significance of Galentines Day and want to provide you with the sweetest, cheapest treats for you and your friends.
Find some inspiration for a top girls, boys, or solo night below:

Approved Food Mixed Gel Polish Bags
£9.99 each
⦁ Sea Kelp Bath Essence 500ml
each:£8.50 (£14.99)
⦁ Suntana Spray tan Coconut Fragranced Spray Tanning Solution Light Tan 250ml
each:£4.99 (£10.99)


Ferrero Rocher 42 Piece Collection 525g
£8.99 (£12.00)
⦁ Walkers Sensations Hickory Smoked Cheddar And Crispy Bacon Crips 150g
each:£0.99 (£1.50)


Oxford Landing Estates Sauvignon Blanc 750ml
each:£6.99 (£11.00)
⦁ Becks Lager Beer Bottle 275ml
each:£0.99 (£1.29)
⦁ J20 Orange and Passion Fruit 275ml
2 for £1.50 or £0.85 each

cost: £42.29 (£53.27)
saving: £10.98


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