Leap into March



Another year, but an extra day. Leap Year never seems to get the same credit as any other holidays. It is always Valentines for showing your love for another,  or New Year for making new resolutions, but nobody ever seems to count the extra day given to us. It seems it is used as just another day, when in fact, it is special as it only happens every four years.  How about you use the day to do something different? We would love to hear about it.

However, it can not be said that Leap Year lacks all traditions. If you have ever seen the film ‘Leap Year’ or are just aware, you’ll know that the extra day is a special time for men as it is seen as the ‘official’ day when the rolls are reversed and women propose to them.  The concept derives from St Patrick who suggested that women could have the opportunity to ask the question but only every four years.

Here at Approved Food we have many gift ideas on how to shower men with affection without popping the question.


Joop Homme Absolute Eau De Parfum 80ml
each:£24.00 (£30.00)




Gents of London Carbon Clay Matt Hair Styling Wax 85 g
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Right Guard Total Defence 5 Active Anti-Perspirant 250ml
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