Say bye to mosquitoes!

We all love holidays right? But not those itchy bumps from our not so favourite friends, the mosquito!

We have the solution! We have teamed up with this great company: The Mosquito Company, they specialise in natural insect repellents perfect and safe for the entire family. They use 100% natural plant oils, are deet free and are designed with sensitive skin in mind, so no rashes or itchy skin here.

Their formula is developed in the UK and is the strongest natural formula on the market. Their products create a protective shield around you and your family by blocking the insect’s navigation system. Cool right?

Check out more about them here >>

Now let’s dive into the products:

We are selling insect repellent bracelets, repellent room refreshers and stick on insect repellent patches. This means full coverage no matter if you’re on the go or relaxing at home. Grab yours for your next holiday and say bye to mosquitoes!

Insect Repellent Bracelet:

Simply wear around your wrist, ankle or even as a hair tie for effective protection against insects. Stylish with 5 colours and practical, win win!

2 for £1 (RRP £1.00 each) >>

Anti-insect Air Refresher:

This one is perfect for your holiday house. It fits perfectly in your suitcase and provides approximately 25 days protection. Just remove the lid and take off the airtight seal. Place lid back on and rotate to open position to let the citronella essences diffuse into the air.

2 for £10 (RRP £10 each) >>

Mosquito Patches:

These can be applied to skin, clothes, bags, accessories etc, just peel and stick. Water resistant means protection even in the pool or sea. Each patch provides up to 8 hours protection.

2 for £7 (RRP £7.45 each) >>

Summer Products at Approved Food

At Approved Food we also have a range of outdoor dining products, drinks, snacks and holiday cosmetic essentials.

Outdoor dining:

Make eating out easy with our paper napkins and plates and plastic cutlery


Spice up your BBQ with our BBQ sauce range


Soft Drinks and Alcohol:

You want it, we have it!




It is not a picnic or BBQ without snacks right?


Holiday Cosmetics:

Only taking hand luggage? We have you sorted! We stock toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner all at 100ml or less, perfect for traveling. Plus save £3.99 on this Venus portable razor or save £5.49 on this Optrex eye mask, perfect for long journeys.



Suncream Box:

How about this suncream box, just £9.99, stocked with 4-7 branded sun care items – suncream, after sun, or tanning oils (image is for illustrative purposes only). Buy one and share with the whole family.


Tanning Lotions:

Get ready for beach life with huge savings on our self-tan range:


Fragrances for Everyone:

Designer quality fragrances. Not designer prices:


Travel Kit:

Finally, isn’t this cute, perfect for every little traveler: 1x Microfiber Towel, 1x Plastic Cup, 1x Toilette Bag, 1x Brush,1x Cover For Teeth Brush.


So, say no to mosquitoes thanks to The Mosquito Company and say hello to a fun full packed prepared summer with our essential summer range. Happy browsing and happy holidays form everyone at Approved Food.

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