Mexican Night!

mince beef tortilla

Fancy a Mexican night? Try this minced beef tortilla recipe made easy with the TODAY ONLY Old El Paso 8 Stand N Stuff Flour Tortillas 2 for £1.00 and Approved Food Meat for a week hamper £15.00. Buy the ingredients here: MinceBeef_Tortillas_Ingredients Ingredients: Tortillas (TODAY ONLY Old El Paso 8 Stand N Stuff Flour Tortillas 2 for £1.00,

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Pineapple and Apple Crumble

Fancy a quick easy dessert? Check out this delicious pineapple and apple crumble served with Ambrosia Devon custard. Buy ingredients here: Pineapple_Crumble_ApprovedFood Ingredients: 225g Plain flour (Great Scot plain flour 500g 2 for £1.00 RRP £0.59 or Mcdougalls Plain Flour 1.5kg 2 for £1.20, RRP £1.78) 110g Butter 75g Sugar (Silver Spoon Granulated Sugar 1 kg

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Orange Marmalade Cake

marmalade cake

A traditional orange marmalade cake filled with Hampton fine cut orange marmalade. Buy ingredients here: Orange_Marmalade_Cake_ApprovedFood Ingredients: 175 Sugar (Silver Spoon Granulated Sugar 1 kg 65p) 175g Butter 3 Eggs 175g Self-raising flour (Great Scot Self Raising Flour 500g – 2 for £1.00 or £0.59 each, RRP £1.30) 3 tbsp marmalade plus some for the topping

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Cheap Soft Drinks!

cheap soft drinks

Looking for cheap soft drinks for sale? We have many of your favourites such as Irn Bru, Pepsi, Coke, Oasis, Mountian Dew, 7up, Fanta, Rubicon… Buy them here: Cheap_Soft_Drinks_ApprovedFood Browse our website here:  ApprovedFood_Website When comparing our price with the RRP you will save £15.46 or 59%! Crazy right?! Irn Bru 330 ml 4 for £1.00 (RRP £0.60)

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Cheap Crisps!

Where to buy cheap crisps? Approved Food! We have many cheap crisps deals including some crisps from the 90s, bigger size Walker bags, sharing bags and a range of interesting flavours you can’t buy elsewhere. Buy them here: Cheap_Crisps_ApprovedFood Browse our website here:  ApprovedFood_Website.  When comparing our price with the RRP you will save £22.19 or

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Nutella 3 Ways

Love Nutella then you will love the Nutella 3 way recipes we have created. Buy a jar of 350g Nutella for only 25p TODAY ONLY deal. Bargain! Nutella Star Ingredients: 2 Pre-rolled puff pastry (320g each) 1 egg, beaten 5 Tbs Nutella (or enough to spread on the pastry) Method: Pre-heat oven to 190°C (170°C

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Omelette with a Tomato and Pepper Sauce

Try this great recipe for breakfast or lunch, omelette with tomatoes and pepper served with homemade bread. Buy the ingredients here: Omelette_Ingredients Omelette Ingredient: 4 Eggs 1 tsp pepper and 1 tsp salt 2 Tsp Oil (Mazola Cold Pressed Rapeseed oil 500ml £1.99 (RRP £6.99) 1 yellow pepper, chopped 2 garlic cloves, chopped 400g chopped tomato (Don Maria

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Tabouli Salad 

Fancy an easy and healthy Mediterranean Meal? Check out this Tabouli salad recipe. Ingredients: Alfez Taboule Kit 495g 2 for £1.50 (RRP £2.00) Tabouli_Salad_Ingredients Olives, tomatoes, cucumber, feta, red onion (optional) Flatbread (optional) Flatbread Hummus (optional) Method: Pour the couscous into a bowl. Add the contents of the jar. Mix everything together and chill for

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