Tikka Masala

Fancy a curry? Try this Tikka Masala recipe with TODAY ONLY Maggi So Juicy Tikka Masala 46g only 10p (RRP 95p)

Buy the ingredients here: Tikkia_Masala_Recipe


  • Maggi So Juicy Tikka Masala 46g
  • Chicken (Approved Food meat for a week hamper, £15)
  • Heinz Seriously Good Tomato And Garlic Creamy Sauce 270g (2 for £1.00, RRP £1.00)
  • Minivita Organic Gaba Rice Jasmine Green 500 g (£2.90, RRP £5.80)
  • Sharwoods 2 Peshwari Naans 260g (2 for £1.00, RRP £1.75)
  • Sharwoods 4 Plain Mini Naans (2 for £1.00, RRP 99p)


Preheat oven  (108°C, 160°C fan, Gas Mark 4). Remove and unfold the cooking bag from top of the sachet, keeping the red tie for later use. Place cubed chicken breasts and the Heinz Seriously Good Tomato and Garlic Creamy sauce into the bag. Add the seasoning from sachet into the bag. Close the bag at the end using the red tie. Mix everything together. Place the bag into a large ovenproof dish, do not pierce the bag. Cook for 55-60 minutes. Remove from the oven leaving dish to stand for 2-3 minutes before opening. While it cooks, prepare the rice as described on the packet. Near the end of the cooking time place the naan bread into the oven and bake as described on the packet. Make sure the food is piping hot before serving. *Leftover mixture can be frozen but make sure it is fully cooled beforehand *.

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