The true sentiment of Valentine’s Day.

The pandemic and national lockdown has brought uncertainties across many of the holidays during the last year. However, this is the first time Valentine’s Day has been affected. Maybe this is a good thing? Instead of fancy meals and getaways, maybe this Valentine’s Day could be spent thinking about our loved ones; not just relationships but family, friends, co workers anyone who has brought some sort of happiness to our lives. This year the true sentiment of Valentine’s Day could be shared through a thoughtful text, a loving post on social media or a classic phone call.

For those in relationships,  why not spend Valentine’s Day  in the comfort of your own home with a romantic meal made by you and your loved one.
The 14th of February this year does not have to be cancelled, rather adapted on and maybe appreciated a little more than usual?

At Approved Food we have some great ideas and groceries to treat your loved ones, all online.
For inspiration, here are some stay at home date ideas:

1. Cook a romantic meal.
2. Start that series together you keep putting off.
3. Print out some photos of you both.
4. Create an at-home spa.
5. Order your favourite takeaway.
6. Ask each questions/ enjoy old memories.
7. Map a future holiday.
8. Create a scrapbook.
9. Make a campfire in your garden.
10. Have a bake off!
11.  Write everything you are thankful for down.
12. Write your bucket list together.
13. Build a tent in your living room!
14. Plan a treasure hunt in your house.
15. Play a board game.

Gift Ideas.

1. Charbonnel Et Walker Milk Marc de Champagne Truffles 135 g
each:£7.99 (£13.95)

2. Marc Jacobs Daisy for Women 50ml Eau de Toilette Spray
each:£39.99 (£50.00)

3. Terra Serena Prosecco Extra Dry 750ml
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