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Waste less, save more

Waste less, save more

Recommend a Friend
Recommend a Friend Scheme is a great way to reduce your shopping bills even more. It's simple, quick and can really make a difference to your family and friends as well as yourself. Send recommendations by email, Facebook, Twitter or get your own Unique URL Link to share. For everyone you recommend, that places an order with Approved Food, you get credit towards your future shopping with us. The maximum credit per recommendation is £5 (the rate depends on orders placed by your recommended friend). All you need to do is give your family and friends a Unique URL Link. You can use the template form on the Recommend Us tab on this website or share the link via Social Media - any way you can! Anyone who clicks your link and then registers on the Approved Food website is stored in our database as a new customer who has been referred to us by you. They will then appear on your Approved Friends list. On the Approved Friend List you can monitor the status of all of your referred friends - who is still to register, who has registered and who has already made a purchase. It really is as simple as that - just follow the following quick guide and start sending your Friend Recommendations now...

Recommend and View Your Friends

Simply login to your Approved Food account as normal and click on Friend Recommendations. You will find it 4th on the list under your account details.  

Sending Email Friend Recommendations

This is where you can use the email template by entering your friend's name, email address and press send. Your friend will receive the email and all they need to do is click the link and sign in. They will automatically be registered against your name.  

Using Social Media to Send Your Unique Link

The Social Friends page gives you your link to share over Twitter, facebook and blogs.  Twitter - you get the next you need to tweet which contains the link that ensures your friend is credited to you. Facebook, forums and blogs - your unique link can be found at the bottom of the page. Simply past it in as many places to increase the chances of it being clicked. You will increase responses by adding some explanatory text. Something like "I've saved loads of money buying from this great shopping site. Take a look here... <your link>"  


Monitoring the Success of Your Friend Recommendations

After you have recommended your friends and family you will be able to see how well you are doing and how much money you have earned. You will be able to see whether the people you have recommended have made purchases and also how many times the links you have distributed have been clicked.  The various states are based on a TRAFFIC LIGHT SYSTEM: RED - Waiting on Registration AMBER - Waiting on 1st Order GREEN - Order Placed. The screen will also tell you the amount of money available to you and the lifetime total of money you have made.  

Approved Friends

The Approved Friends tab is the dashboard of the status of all of your friend recommendations. It also shows referrals who haven't qualified either because they are duplicates or we already deliver to that house.

So Get Started

It really is as simple as that so start sending your recommendations now and good luck!